Q: What is your child security policy?

Our building is equipped with security cameras located throughout. Video from these cameras are monitored at the front desk by church administration where they can keep a watchful eye on all campus activities. In addition, each child will be checked in daily, receiving a name tag and a computer-generated, pre-assigned number. The parent will be given a sticker with the same number. You must present the matching sticker in order to pick up the child. Only the Director or Assistant Director may release a child if the matching sticker is not presented or the identifying number cannot be provided. If someone else will be picking up your child, please notify the Director or Assistant Director ahead of time.

Q: What are the rules about when my sick child can come back to school?

We ask that you not bring your child if they have an active fever or have had one within the previous 24 hours. We also ask that you not bring your child if they have experienced vomiting, diarrhea, coughing, or green/yellow runny nose within the previous 24 hours. If symptoms occur after child is at school, we will isolate the child from the other children and call the parent.

Q: What do I need to bring for my child each day?

  • Diaper Bag or Backpack (labeled)
  • Labeled change of clothes (all age groups)
  • Sack Lunch
    • Finger foods that do not need refrigerated or cooked
    • No candy, soft drinks, or red/blue/dark drinks
    • Please be sensitive to your individual room if there is a food allergy. You will be alerted and asked that you not bring any products that would irritate the allergy.
  • Nursery: formula/breast milk, baby food, change of clothes, pacifiers, special blankets/"lovies" if applicable

Please remember to label ALL items in your child's bag including pacifiers, bottles, sippy cups, blankets, and the bag itself. If in doubt, LABEL IT!