Day School

We offer our day school program from 9am - 1pm Monday through Friday.

2020 Tuition Rates:

$335 for the 5-day program

**Siblings will receive a 10% discount**

Tuition is due on the first Wednesday of each month and will be pulled by automatic draft from the credit card or bank account on file for each family. Statements of monthly charges are sent out to parents a week prior to the tuition being drafted. If tuition is not received by the 10th day of the month a 10% late fee will be added.


Semester Fees

Summer Registration Fee (per child): $50
Summer Supply Fees (per child): $50

Fall/Spring Registration Fee (per child): $75
Fall/Spring Supply Fees (per child): $100

Capital Improvement Fee (per family)
Summer: $20 Fall/Spring: $35


Extended Care

Extended Care Hours Monthly Cost
Early care (7am-8:50am) $216 After care (1pm-3pm) $216
After care (1pm-5pm) $428
Full day (7am-5pm) $588

Withdrawal from the program requires a 30-day notice.

Wait-listed children are placed in the order they are received.